Which are you ? - 52 project - Week 51

Are you more of a sunset or sunrise person?? 

While I love both, I'm more of a sunrise guy. For me, a sunrise takes more effort. You got to stay awake all night or wake up real early to enjoy it. With less people willing to do that, you're rewarded with a quieter and serene moment.  And with a amazing fresh start, you now have the rest of the day to enjoy. 

That being said, the Greek Island of Mykonos threw out a daily dose of these to try and sway my opinion. 

and DAMN 😍😍😍😍

Wow- 52 Project - Week 49

Some things and places never lose their "Wow Factor". This is my 4th time in Paris and the Eiffel Tower is one of those things for me. Every time I see it, my eyes light up and I think to myself "WOW, I'm in fucking France! 🇫🇷 


Buddy Trippin - 52 Project - Week 42

Hey you, still here, huh. AWESOME! Glad you're enjoying my little project. Can't believe I'm ten short weeks away from completing it. I hope I can finish off  with some epic images and stories for you. Let's get to it. 

Last week I took off for 6 days on a Road trip with, Andy. Buddy, professional wedding photographer and main influence / teacher into this awesome world of photography I've decided to pursue. Thanks Buddy!  

Lately we've been talking more and more about taking a trip every few months to places near enough that we can travel to for an extended weekend specifically to photograph.  You see, when traveling with friends, a lover or pretty much anyone who is not a photographer, they absolutely LOVE having great photos of their vacation. What they don't love is pulling over at random times, waiting for the light to be perfect, for you to set up a shot or waking up super early / going out really late to get one picture with no one else around. They want those great pictures, with little inconvenience and time, which will rarely happen. But take a trip with another photog and you get to do all of those things with no complaints, but with enthusiasm! These trips will keep our inspiration high, creativity flowing and satisfy that ever thirsty travel bug. Our first trip we headed to Utah to visit 2 National Parks, Bryce Canyon and Zion. Neither of us had been. 
Bryce was awesome. The major feature of the park is Bryce Canyon, which despite its name is not a canyon, but a collection of giant natural amphitheaters along the eastern side of the Paunsaugunt Plateau. 

Although Bryce was stunning, our next stop, Zion took the cake. Man is this place amazing!  Doesn't matter if you're really high or almost underground, the sites this park has to offer are incredible. So much that we decided to buy an annual pass to the Utah parks!

Here is one of my favorite images from the trip. It was atop the hike called "Angels Landing".  A 2.5 mile trail that follows the path of the Virgin River,  slowly gaining elevation in sandy terrain. As the trail gets steeper and leaves behind the river, it becomes paved with a series of switchbacks through the area between Angels Landing and Zion Canyon. Then "Walter Wiggles" a series of 21 steep switchbacks before you hit "Scouts Lookout"  the turnaround point for those who don't want to make the final summit push. The last half mile is intimidating because it is strenuous and littered with sharp drop offs on narrow paths to the top at 5'790 feet. While this hike is not long, it is steep, intimidating and tiring. But once you reach the summit you are greeted with an absolutely stunning view of the park.  So pull up a seat and appreciate the beauty. 

Looking forward to future trips, images and a big endeavor coming at the end of the year for us that will soon be revealed! 

Now, can someone pass us a beer? 


(To see more pics from our trip, follow both of our Instagrams @arodphoto & @reallysortofamazing )