Nom nom - 52 project - Week 38

When I was growing up, our family would travel to Mexico at least once a year to visit our relatives. Other than getting to see family, I would get excited for three things. An ice cream parlor that was no joke, my Grandmas next door neighbor.  2cnd was a place called Sambores, they made incredible Enchiladas . Third and probably my favorite, the fruit carts. Fruit doused with chile and lime juice. AMAZING. They just didn't have these in my neighborhoods here in the U.S (still dont).  But they are around LA county.
The other day I was on a shoot with Sarah and I saw one. I mentioned how much I loved them growing up and she replied she had never noticed or tried one. "WHAT!?"  I pulled an immediate U-TURN, ordered two up and created one new fan!

She finished every last bite.