Opposite Effect - 52 Project - Week 36

This past weekend I watched  two of my friends share vows tieing them in matrimony. It was a great day, with many of our mutual friends there. Add that beautiful "open bar" that makes any wedding that much better and well, we celebrated well into the morning hours. But lets rewind a bit, to you know, that part where all the single people are dragged out to the dance floor and put on blast to do the ceremonial catching of the bouquet and garter. In hopes that in the next year, one "lucky"  single person will find their special someone and join in on the married life.  
I dont know what it is, but these things have a tracker beam to shoot right at me. Even with my back turned, hands in pocket and eyes closed. You guessed it. I'm the "winner". I believe it definitely keeps me single for another year. Make it 5 years if its from one one of my girls from the "Rubber Family". Obviously I've proven this tradition wrong or they simply have the opposite effect on me. 

That being said. Cheers to being single for another 5 years!