Gone Fishing - 52 project- Week 1

Papi My friend Quan and I talked about starting a 52 project some time ago.  Well, he started and now is more than half way through it. lol Every week I had some excuse to put it off and with that, the weeks passed.

I knew with this pic, this would be my week to start.  On Friday I had a trip planned with friends to go deep sea fishing. Last minute, I asked if they would mind if I brought my Pops.

We had a great time. He was one of the boys. Sharing drinks, stories and the sea.

With a couple spare minutes before we had to check in to the boat.  I had an idea for a pic. He  used to take me fishing off Balboa Pier when I was a kid. We never caught much.  But it was something we always did growing up and it was always the "best day ever!" That long walk down to the end of the pier. Holding his hand. Ready to play with the slimy bait. Excited for the hundreds of fish, my imagination had me reeling in. Here we were once again. Gone fishing with Pops.

Best day ever.