Sano - 52 Project - Week 40

"Summer time and the living is easy" holds no truer than here at San Onofre State beach. A 3,000 acre state park located in San Diego, California.  With over 2.5 million visitors per year, it is one of the 5 most visited parks in California, hosting Swimmers, campers, kayakers, fisherman, off duty Marines, sunbathers, surfers and the sacred Native American Site of Panhe. Along this 3.5 miles of state beach are included some of the best surf spots in California: Trails, Surf beach (which has 3 breaks - The point, Old Mans & Dog Patch), Church and the World famous Trestles. 

While I visit San Onofre all year long, nothing beats Summer days down here. Especially at Surf Beach. Its like a time warp back to that 50s,  Gidget surf era. You are welcomed with smiling faces from young groms to Old men that have been surfing here since the 50s. Campers are bbqing. long boards spread out all over the ocean and beach alike. VW buses, bugs, other classic surf cars to todays luxury rides with soft racks or vans fully loaded with anything you need to go off the map for a few weeks. Reggae & classic rock playing as surfers take multiple sessions in and out of the water.

Drop in on someones wave here? no problem, Every wave can be considered a party wave and no one here tends to be upset, rather they'll throw up a "shaka" at you. As the sun sets in Sano the bonfires light up until 10 pm when everyones is kicked out till the next day.

My ideal Summer days are spent like this, friends, surfing, and bbqing. Sano Days are the best days

Present day 

Present day 

Old School. 

Old School. 

As you can see, not much has changed. 

I'm coming to visit! 52 Project - Week 2

Cali Visit  This past weekend, my friend Mal flew in from Canada. Mal and I met 2 years ago in Budapest, Hungary, on a day walking tour through the city. The next day and a half we did what most travelers do, we followed it up with more sights, a few bars, randomness and getting to know each other. We swapped emails then we were off on our separate ways to new cities and adventures. We stayed in touch afterwards and a few weeks ago I received an email that said,"Hey, Im coming to visit!" "Sweet! Finally! " Mal brought her friend Krystle with her and I tried showing them a fun OC / SoCal experience. Newport, La, HB, Hollywood, Knotts Scary Farm, Venice, Rainbows, Triangle square, Roscoes, Laguna, San Clemente, a hike, party night, party day, paddle boarding and even some surfing lessons. They met several of my amazing friends and genuinely had an amazing time (i hope).

Along with awesome memories, my travels have blessed me with so many amazing friends across this beautiful world from different cultures, religions, and ages. We all found common ground to build long and lasting relationships. Next year, I’ll be traveling to France, to go to a wedding of people I met in London. I love the randomness of it all. There is so much out there if you choose to seek it. Think about how much you limit your life by only experiencing what may be in a 100 miles radius. Your future best friend, wife or husband may be out there.

Appreciate the world beyond your doorstep.